Pretty much done with the big stuff in the baby room—replacing the windows and getting the closet door hung correctly. I’m still waiting for a shelf with some hooks from Amazon, which will go on that open wall between the closet and the main room door.

Installing “new construction” windows as opposed to replacement windows (when you don’t have to replace trim work) is a real bitch. But fully replacing the windows and trim not only cut down on the severe air leakage we had, it really makes the room look fresh.

In a couple weeks we’ll be that insane couple working on the house while having an infant around. It will definitely be an adjustment period.

Today we worked on replacing the windows in the baby’s room, and Fox was keen on helping. He was a natural on the roof.

Here are some photos of our floor-less master bathroom. With the leaks from the shower, we had to replace some of the framing. Tony ran new PEX water lines for the stand up shower (fourth photo). As always, Fox supervised while Lily hid in the crate.

I’m stuck at a Nissan dealership right now because my damn driver’s door handle fell off for the second time. Thank god for the Truth Squad True Detective podcast, or else I’d be forced to listen to Ryan Seacrest’s horrific radio show like an ANIMAL.

Seems relevant.  True fact: I like to say aloud when I’m alone “I’M TOM SILVA” in a Massachusetts accent.

Seems relevant.

True fact: I like to say aloud when I’m alone “I’M TOM SILVA” in a Massachusetts accent.

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So we’ve been pushing hard to get the baby’s room “done”. On the to do list was replace two windows in that room, replace the floor trim, and the closet door. The closet door turned into a bigger project—the frame wasn’t plumb and when we re-plumbed it, the floorboards were too short and we had to replace them. Same thing happened when we tried to re-plumb the office door. So Fox “helped” me sand the areas down and re-stain them (and by “help” I mean “attempted to bite the palm sander”). They needed a few coats of stain to get the color right.

Off topic: So this year I nearly avoided watching the Oscars entirely. Every year I watch, and every year I become furious about how absolutely boring the event is, how unfunny the bits are, and how obnoxious everyone is. Instead we binge watched episodes of Orange is the new Black (a really great show) and watched the new Walking Dead episode (sometimes thrilling but particularly dull last night). I kept hoping Daryl and Beth would start making out so SOMETHING would happen, there was a very weird energy going with those two.

I watched True Detective this morning and god damn if I didn’t full-on whine “Nooo!!” when the episode ended. I love it to bits.

Now I have to do some work from home since we have another god damned snow day.

Three trips to the tile showroom (god damn them for not having their inventory online! I hate dealing with salesmen) and we’ve finally selected our bathroom tile scheme. It’ll be a combination of things, including the 12x24 tile shown for the bathroom floor, the 1x1 tile for the shower floor, and 3x6 subway tile for the shower walls and for a mid-height bathroom tile wall. Lots of gray, like my wardrobe.

So one of the two bathrooms we didn’t renovate had a leaky shower pan, which Tony noticed was leaking into the sun room (first photo, after ceiling had been ripped down and carpenter ants eradicated). It took him 3 days to jackhammer out the tile from the walls and floor, and to rip out the cabinetry and closet. The three next photos show the demo progression. We made a chute out of 1/2” plywood and 2x6s, and have been shoveling the shit for a couple hours now. With me being 5 months pregnant and Tony having majorly fucked up his back last week when he was carrying the debris down in beer buckets that one would put out at a BBQ, it has been tough. But we will prevail! And the chute has been really really working. That bathroom had to GO, for real tho.

Some completed home projects. The house all done up for the birthday of Jesus, followed by the completed powder room (just got the mirror up, it’s from my favorite website after etsy, wayfair) and the functional fireplace also decorated for the birth of Christ.

Musings on interior painting

So I have one room and one stairway/hallway to go before I’ve painted the entire house (excluding the two upstairs bathrooms, which are slated for gutting at some point). I’ve learned a few tricks.

1. Invest in a Sure Line edger and never tape again. Taping is bullshit. Many times the paint goes under the tape, or it rips uneasily, or pulls paint off with it when you remove it. You’re going to have to touch up either way, but with the edger it will be a lot less to deal with. The edger is pictured on the right.

2. Martha Stewart has a great palette of colors, but Glidden paint is bullshit. It is thin and you need three coats minimum of a color if you go with Glidden. Remember that line from the music man? “Trouble starts with t which rhymes with p which stands for pool”? Well Glidden starts with g which stands for garbage. Here is the hierarchy of paints: Benjamin Moore/sherwin Williams (interchangeable in quality), valspar (lowe’s brand), behr. Behr is the behr minimum. It’s a decent paint. If you like m stew’s colors in the Glidden line, just ask the paint people at Home Depot to color match it for you.

3. Always mock the shit up (pictured). Those little swatches do not give you a good idea of what you’re really dealing with, and surprisingly, if you get the little samples and put them on 1.5’ squares of drywall, you get a much better sense of the color. Also note that if you do the samples at Home Depot, they only make them in the paint and primer in one, and don’t mockup directly on the wall unless you intend to paint over it with the same p/p in one paint. If you go back over it with just a finish paint, you will see the spots on the wall where you painted with the all in one.

Ok well no one read this entirely so I’ll stop here. Oh also it’s great to binge watch the Mindy project on hulu while painting. Or doing anything, really.

Boo radley

So I just found out that I have to take an 8 hour test on metallurgy for the second time next October because I failed the first time. I failed. I have to say it. I feel so weirdly empty about it. I don’t think I’ll be able to do any more work today. The faster I internalize this and just move on the better off I’ll be.

Chelsea peretti said in one of her podcasts that she’d listen to Mariah’s “shake it off” after some comedy sets. That sounds like a good idea right now.