Psssst the new Mockingjay trailer is finally here!

I want to just say something about Jenny Larry, since this mockingjay trailer came out and looks pretty good. My hopes are not too high, though. Josh Hutcherson has to do some acting stuff that I am 100% sure he can’t pull off, so watching him crash and burn will be kinda tough, but maybe it’ll be funny too. But I did see that she is now dating Chris Martin, of “Coldplay.” Jen, as your pretend friend who has never met you, I want to advise against this. Not because of the age difference, but because he’s from Coldplay. And also because he chose to be married to Gwyneth Paltrow for 10 years. This was not like an Ariel Castro situation where he was held against his will and forced to procreate with Gwynney. He was fully aware and in control of all his faculties. And he still made that choice, every day, for 10 years. If that doesn’t shake you to your core, I don’t know if you can be helped.

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Hi. So after some creative finagling, we got the backup generator placed on our new concrete pad. Logan and his dad Don (Tony’s work friend) helped us out.

We had a pretty sobering experience last weekend. We woke up at 11:30 pm Sunday night to our carbon monoxide alarms going off. Tony had interconnected them, which was good because with the air conditioners on, we would not have heard the basement alarm by itself. When the fire department got here, the levels were off the charts. None of us would have made it through the night. It turns out that our old oil company — who was supposed to be “servicing” the boiler once a year — had not been cleaning it of the soot buildup. In fact, it appears it had never been cleaned since it was installed in 2003. We had a soot fire burning in our basement for several hours, filling up the basement and first floor with this odorless, suffocating gas. Everyone is fine, but I couldn’t really anticipate the trauma. I cried randomly all week. It could have been such a drastically different story. It could so easily have been: “that’s the house where the whole family died of carbon monoxide.” But Tony, with his wonderfully and sometimes infuriatingly fastidious nature, made sure we were all safe. He is my hero.


Was at SD Comicon on Thurs doing a @tvland panel. One of my Twitter friends Phil Plait @BadAstronomer presented me with a 4 million yr old asteroid piece. I turned to Betty White (who was also on my panel) and asked if she remembered the rock from her childhood. :-)View more William Shatner on WhoSay 

GOOD ONE BILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was at SD Comicon on Thurs doing a @tvland panel. One of my Twitter friends Phil Plait @BadAstronomer presented me with a 4 million yr old asteroid piece. I turned to Betty White (who was also on my panel) and asked if she remembered the rock from her childhood. :-)

View more William Shatner on WhoSay

GOOD ONE BILL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Tony rented a stump grinder, and took out about 10-15 stumps in our yard including the one made today. Here he is doing some in the neighbor’s yard. When Tony was a young firefighter, he had a call where a kid’s leg got completely mangled by one of these. I can’t even imagine the horror of that situation.

Taking down this awful blue spruce that was ugly as hell and created a big sandy expanse in our front yard. Not all trees are good. Some trees are just christmas trees that people stick in the ground and then they grow really big and hideous. So there.


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Yesterday was a productive day. I finally got off my ass and finish painted the stairway walls, and then helped Tony place and finish a concrete pad for the whole house generator we’re putting in. He went overboard and poured a 6 in slab with wire fabric rather than a 4 in slab. Lucas made his first trip to the Home Depot this morning to look at concrete sealers. Now we are watching Harry Potter 5. Is it just me or is there a lot of sexual tension in the movies between a) Harry and Sirius and b) Harry and Dumbledore? Both have more chemistry than Ron and Hermione. And waaayyy more chemistry than Harry and Ginny.

Oh ma god y’all, Apocalypto is on, this is ma JAAAAMMM

Here’s another small project that took an inordinate amount of time to execute. I had this idea to get maps of places that are meaningful—Greece, Lebanon, New England (i.e., Connecticut, where I hail from) and Pennsylvania, where we currently reside and where Tony was born. So I delved into the black hole of the internet also known as, and found some really cool antique maps of those places, plus an additional world map. Then I took them to get matted and framed at Michael’s. I didn’t have the balls to tell Tony how much that cost, as he would have had a motor-function-impairing stroke. But hey, I think it looks pretty great. I have since moved the DVD stand to another room and I’m looking into getting decent furniture for that room, as it still has basically nothing and looks like a fraternity furnished it.

And here is a gratuitous picture of our human baby. His name is Lucas and he’s pretty much the human equivalent of a delicious lemon cake. That is to say, wonderful.

It always surprises me how little sewage smells like poop. It is much closer to a rotting organic matter smell than feces. I guess that makes sense.

So we’ve been working on replacing the main sewage line to our septic tank. In our crawl space, the entire pipe had corroded and was dumping Shawshank escape route-level volumes of sewage directly adjacent to our foundation. So, fun times! When we started the project a few weeks ago, I was still healing up from birthing a human baby so I was pretty useless from the pain of a healing perianal area. You know that episode of Sex and the City (sorry, I know, referencing that show is SUPER tired) when Samantha tells Charlotte to use her mirror to look at her vagina? I have never done that and now I am definitely never doing it. It is a complete mess down there for a few weeks after. But I must say, epidurals are FABULOUS. I would recommend just getting one when you’re not in labor, that’s how awesome they are.

We just finished hard piping the new PVC pipe into the septic tank. It used to be a cast iron pipe, but you are really not supposed to use cast iron for such a low-slope run (as seen in the second photo)—cast iron should really be used vertically. The rust on the inside will build up and limit the flow of the sewage.

So under Fox’s strict supervision (photo 1) Tony is backfilling the hole in our yard today.

Aside: Breastfeeding has afforded me the opportunity to watch a lot of Netflix. I’m currently on the final episode of BBC’s Sherlock. And I kind of get the Cumberbitch phenomenon now. KIND OF.